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What is a test bank?

A textbook that may be downloaded digitally is known as an eTextbook. Etextbooks are a portable and affordable option over traditional heavy and costly textbooks. As compared to Etextbook readers with traditional printed textbooks, Etextbook offers a more interesting and engaging reading experience.

How long do I get to use the Test Bank once I buy it?

When you buy a test bank once from us, you can use it forever. However, if you lost your test bank accidentally, then you can just email us we will resend you free of cost.

Which website has the best test bank? is a reputable and trustworthy online site focused on giving medical nursing teachers and students up-to-date, detailed, and informative Study Guides, Instructor Guides, Solutions Handbooks, Test Banks, and Test Manuals on various topics.

What modes of payment are accepted?

The only methods of payment that we take are credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Other forms of payment are not accepted. 

Does the Nursing Test Bank include ALL of the chapters?

Yes, the complete chapters are yours. You can find Nursing Mastery after the contents list in your textbook.

Is Exam Zone LLC safe?

Yes, it is completely safe by LLC. We don’t gather any financial information. We do not save or have access to any debit or credit card information that you enter into the financial form; only the bank will have that information. When you visit our site, no cookies will be stored on your computer. Please know that your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. If you provide us with personal information, we will keep it confidential.

Which devices can access Etextbook?

Any electronic device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, can access and read Test Banks from Exam Zone LLC. We have made every effort to ensure that Exam Zone LLC is fully compatible with all Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android versions.

Is it possible to copy, edit or modify any text or data on purchased PDFs?

No, you can not do anything with the pdfs. To prevent unauthorized copying, editing, or sharing, Exam Zone LLC makes its PDF fully secured before delivery to prevent altering the content. However, the Subscriber can only print the Subscribed Product at a maximum resolution of 150 dpi. With written notice to the Subscriber, Exam Zone LLC can modify these features anytime. If you cannot print from your Exam Zone LLC, please contact us with the order number, and we will send your order again with the printing option you can enable. 

 How soon will you receive resources?

After the payment is received, the materials will be sent to you within 24 hours. It will be sent to the address you provided in your inquiry.


How frequently do we reply to emails?

Yes, we do our best to answer all emails as soon as possible.



When will the funds be withdrawn from your account or charged to your credit card for the order?

We do not give returns on our items because they are digital files, and digital files cannot be retrieved once they have been sent. If we are unable to provide your files or they are incomplete, we will only process the refund.

 In case there was any confusion, below are the situations in which we would NOT provide a refund: Please be aware the above is not an extensive list and that unless expressly specified in this policy, no refunds will be issued under any conditions. In certain cases where a refund is not feasible, we might provide store credit as an alternative.

  • You can’t read the included compressed files or the individual chapters within them. If we determine that the problem is coming from our side, we will either replace the documents or, at our discretion, refund the payment.
  • The textbook you believed you were buying was actually a different edition.


Why do I only have access to one chapter, not all of them?

If you are unsure whether or not your computer or other device is equipped with the appropriate software, please check to see if it supports common formats like Microsoft Word, WinZip, or PDF. If you’re still having problems, write a message using the contact form so we can try helping you by email.


My test bank won’t download; why?

When your payment has been verified, your order will be emailed to you. Orders may take up to 24 hours to ship and deliver. We aim to get it out within 6 hours.


What is the Best Way to Unzip a File Zip file?

To open a zip file, you must first unzip it, which may be done with a free program or a free online tool. When you’ve unzipped a folder, the contents will be located in a new folder with the same title. Once you’ve received the file we’ve sent you, you can unzip it to whatever location you like using the application with which you unzipped the original file. Call us if you need any more assistance.

Extract and unzip compressed files

To access compressed files in a zip folder, just unzip the zip file and place the extracted files in a specific folder with the same title. You can still get it in a zipped format.

  • To extract the files, select the zipped folder and then right-click it.
  • Go to “Extract All…” and make your selections (An automatic extraction wizard will start).
  • Press [Next >].
  • Choose one folder for the files by clicking [Browse…].
  • Press [Next >].
  • Press [Finish].

Moreover, if you need to compress your files, check out our list of the best compression software which we mentioned below;

Can’t unzip my transfer?

Fortunately, we have a plan to address your concerns and reach the best level of service availability and safety for your use of our platform. You can use a specialized program to extract that ginormous .zip archive on either Mac or Windows. However, not all applications accept Zip64 archives, so you may have trouble accessing them.

  • If you’re using Windows, download 7Zip from here; it’s free and highly rated. Please ensure you’re using version 9.20 or later.
  • If you use Apple Mac Downloading the most recent version of The Unarchiver is essential.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed one of these applications, make sure you use it to extract your zip files rather than the standard software on your smartphone.

In conclusion, download the right unzipping tool for your system, and you’ll be alright, whatever of how big the file is.

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