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Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knowledge for the Profession 3rd Edition Denisco Test Bank

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Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knowledge for the Profession 3rd Edition Denisco Test Bank

Table of Contents

Part 1 Professional Roles for the Advanced Practice Nurse
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Role of Advanced Practices Nursing
Chapter 2 The Nurse Practitioner: Historical Perspective on the Art and Science of Nurse Practitionering
Chapter 3 Overview of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree
Chapter 4 Emerging Roles for the DNP Nurse Educator
Chapter 5 Influencing and Leading Change in the Complex Health Environment : The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
Chapter 6 Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health

Part 2 Healthcare Delivery and Health Policy for Advanced Practice: Core Knowledge
Chapter 7 An Overview of U.S. Healthcare Delivery
Chapter 8 Beliefs, Values, and Health
Chapter 9 The Healthcare Interdisciplinary Context: A Focus on the Microsystem Concept
Chapter 10 Microeconomics in the Hospital Firm: Competition, Regulation, the Profit Motive, and Patient Care
Chapter 11 Government Regulation: Parallel and Powerful

Part 3 Quality, Safety, and Information Systems for Advanced Practice Nurses
Chapter 12 Factors Influencing the Application and Diffusion of CQI in Health Care
Chapter 13 Patient Safety Movement: The Progress and the Work That Remains
Chapter 14 Accelerating Patient Safety Improvement
Chapter 15 Health Information Technology
Chapter 16 The Electronic Health Record and Clinical Informatics
Chapter 17 IOM Core Competency: Utilize Informatics

Part 4 Theoretical Foundations, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter 18 The Evolution of Nursing Science
Chapter 19 Theory-Based Advanced Nursing Practice
Chapter 20 Research: How Health Care Advances
Chapter 21 Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter 22 Clinical Scholarship and Evidence-Based Practice

Part 5 The Role of Race, Culture, Ethics, and Advocacy in Advanced Nursing Practice
Chapter 23 Birth of Transcultural Nursing to Current Theories and Conceptual Models for Cultural Diversity
Chapter 24 Global Diversity
Chapter 25 Health Services for Special Populations
Chapter 26 Introduction to Ethics
Chapter 27 Advanced Practice Nursing: The Nurse—Patient Relationships and General Ethical Concerns
Chapter 28 Leadership and Role Transition for the Advanced Practice Nurse
Chapter 29 Managing Personal Resources: Time and Stress Management
Chapter 30 Role Transition: Strategies for Success in the Marketplace


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