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Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing 3rd Edition Tusaie Fitzpatrick Test Bank

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Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing 3rd Edition Tusaie Fitzpatrick Test Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Development of the Science, Education, and Credentialing for Psychiatric-Mental Health Advanced Practice Nursing

Chapter 2. Shared Decision Making: Concordance Between Psychiatric-Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and Client

Section II: Foundations for Integrative Practice

Chapter 3. Synergy of Integrative Treatment

Chapter 4. Overview of Psychotherapy

Chapter 5. Overview of Psychopharmacology

Chapter 6. Overview of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Approaches

Chapter 7. Stages of Treatment

Chapter 8. Legal and Ethical Decision Making

Section III: Integrative Management of Specific Syndromes

Chapter 9. Integrative Management of Disordered Mood

Chapter 10. Integrative Management of Anxiety-Related Conditions

Chapter 11. Integrative Management of Psychotic Symptoms

Chapter 12. Integrative Management of Sleep Disturbances

Chapter 13. Integrative Management of Disordered Eating

Chapter 14. Integrative Management of Disordered Cognition

Chapter 15. Integrative Management of Disordered Impulse Control

Chapter 16. Integrative Management of Disordered Attention

Chapter 17. Integrated Management of Self-Directed Injury

Chapter 18. Integrated Management of Other-Directed Violence

Section IV: Special Considerations

Chapter 19. Integrative Management of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders (CODs)

Chapter 20. Medical Problems and Psychiatric Syndromes

Chapter 21. Integrative Management of Pregnancy During Psychiatric Syndromes

Chapter 22. Forensic Issues and Psychiatric Syndromes

Chapter 23. Telehealth

Chapter 24. LGBTQ+ Issues: Care of Sexual and Gender Minority Patients

Chapter 25. Increasing Resilience in Advance Practice Mental Health Nurses

Chapter 26. Global Perspectives and the Future of Advanced Practice Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing


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