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Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing 7th Edition Ladewig Test Bank

  • Published: Prentice Hall
  • ISBN-10: 135025850
  • ISBN-13: 9780135025857

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Part One: What Is Biopsychology?
Chapter1: Biopsychology as a Neuroscience
Part Two: Foundations of Biopsychology
Chapter 2: Evolution, Genetics, and Experience
Chapter 3: Anatomy of the Nervous System
Chapter 4: Neural Conduction and Synaptic Transmission
Chapter 5: The Research Methods of Biopsychology
Part Three: Sensory and Motor Systems
Chapter 6: The Visual System
Chapter 7: Mechanisms of Perception: Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste, and Attention
Chapter 8: The Sensorimotor System
Part Four: Brain Plasticity
Chapter 9: Development of the Nervous System
Chapter 10: Brain Damage and Neuroplasticity
Chapter 11: Learning, Memory, and Amnesia
Part Five: Biopsychology of Motivation
Chapter 12: Hunger, Eating, and Health
Chapter 13: Hormones and Sex
Chapter 14: Sleep, Dreaming, and Circadian Rhythms
Chapter 15: Drug Addiction and the Brain’s Reward Circuits
Part Six: Disorders of Cognition and Emotion
Chapter 16: Lateralization, Language, and the Split Brain
Chapter 17: Biopsychology of Emotion, Stress, and Health
Chapter 18: Biopsychology of Psychiatric Disorders


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