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Essential Cell Biology 5th Edition Alberts Hopkin Test Bank

  • ISBN-10:039368038X
  • ISBN-13:9780393680386
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ W. W. Norton & Company; Fifth edition (July 1, 2019)
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Essential Cell Biology 5th Edition Alberts Hopkin Test Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Cells: The Fundamental Units of Life
Chapter 2. Chemical Components of Cells
Chapter 3. Energy, Catalysis, and Biosynthesis
Chapter 4. Protein Structure and Function
Chapter 5. DNA and Chromosomes
Chapter 6. DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination
Chapter 7. From DNA to Protein: How Cells Read the Genome
Chapter 8. Control of Gene Expression
Chapter 9. How Genes and Genomes Evolve
Chapter 10. Modern Recombinant DNA Technology
Chapter 11. Membrane Structure
Chapter 12. Transport Across Cell Membranes
Chapter 13. How Cells Obtain Energy from Food
Chapter 14. Energy Generation in Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
Chapter 15. Intracellular Compartments and Protein Transport
Chapter 16. Cell Signaling
Chapter 17. Cytoskeleton
Chapter 18. The Cell Division Cycle
Chapter 19. Sexual Reproduction and the Power of Genetics
Chapter 20. Cellular Communities: Tissues, Stem Cells, and Cancer


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