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Henke’s Med-Math 9th Edition Test Bank

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ LWW; 9th edition
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1975106520
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1975106522



Henke’s Med-Math 9th Edition Test Bank


CHAPTER 1, Arithmetic Needed for Dosage
Multiplying Whole Numbers
Dividing Whole Numbers
Percents xxx,
Fractions, Ratio, and Proportion
Proficiency Test 1 Arithmetic
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 2, Metric and Household Systems of Measurement
Metric System xx
Household System xxx
Liquid Measures
Other Conversions
Proficiency Test 1 Exercises in Equivalents and Mixed Conversions
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 3, Drug Abbreviations, Labels, and Packaging
Interpreting the Language of Prescriptions
Time of Administration of Drugs
Routes of Administration
Metric and SI Abbreviations
Household Abbreviations
Terms and Abbreviations for Drug Preparations
Drug Labels
Drug Packaging
Equipment to Measure Doses
Proficiency Test 1 Abbreviations/Military Time
Proficiency Test 2 Reading Prescriptions/Interpreting Written Prescriptions
Proficiency Test 3 Labels and Packaging
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 4, Calculation of Oral Medications—Solids and Liquids
Oral Solids
Converting Order and Supply to the Same Weight Measure
Clearing Decimals
Special Types of Oral Solid Orders
Oral Liquids
Special Types of Oral Liquid Orders
Oral Solid and Liquid Problems Without Written Calculations/“Common Sense” Calculations
Proficiency Test 1 Calculation of Oral Doses
Proficiency Test 2 Calculation of Oral Doses
Proficiency Test 3 Calculation of Oral Doses
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 5, Liquids for Injection
Syringes and Rounding
Special Types of Problems in Injections From a Liquid
Injections From Powders
Distinctive Features of Injections From Powders
Where to Find Information About Reconstitution of Powders
Insulin Injections
Proficiency Test 1 Calculations of Liquid Injections
Proficiency Test 2 Calculations of Liquid Injections and Injections From Powders
Proficiency Test 3 Calculations of Liquid Injections
Proficiency Test 4 Mental Drill in Liquids-for-Injection Problems
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 6, Calculation of Basic IV Drip Rates
Types of IV Fluids
Calculating Basic IV Drip Rates
Adding Medications to IVs
Medications for Intermittent IV Administration
Ambulatory Infusion Device
Enteral Nutrition
Proficiency Test 1 Basic IV Problems
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 7, Special Types of IV Calculations
Amount of Drug in a Solution
Medications Ordered in units/hour or mg/hour
Medications Ordered in mcg/minute, mcg/kg/minute, or milliunits/minute—Calculation of Rate
Body Surface Nomogram
Patient-Controlled Analgesia
Heparin and Insulin Protocols
Proficiency Test 1 Special IV Calculations
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 8, Dosage Problems for Infants and Children
Dosage Based on mg/kg
Administering IV Medications
General Guidelines for Continuous IV Medications
Proficiency Test 1 Infants and Children Dosage Problems
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 9, Information Basic to Administering Drugs
Drug Knowledge
Legal Considerations
Ethical Principles in Drug Administration
Knowledge Base
Proficiency Test 1 Basic Drug Information
Answers to Self-Tests
CHAPTER 10, Administration Procedures
Three Checks and the Rights of Medication Administration
Standard Precautions Applied to Administration of Medications
Routes of Administration
Special Considerations
Proficiency Test 1—Part A, Administration Procedures
Proficiency Test 1—Part B, Administration Procedures
Answers to Self-Tests


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