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Henke’s Med-Math Dosage Calculation Preparation & Administration 9th Edition Test Bank

  • ISBN-10:1975106520
  • ISBN-13:9781975106522
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ LWW; 9th edition (October 9, 2019)
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Henke’s Med-Math Dosage Calculation Preparation & Administration 9th Edition Test Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Arithmetic Needed for Dosage
Chapter 2 Metric and Household Systems of Measurement
Chapter 3 Drug Abbreviations, Labels, and Packaging
Chapter 4 Calculation of Oral Medications—Solids and Liquids
Chapter 5  Liquids for Injection
    Syringes and Rounding
    Special Types of Problems in Injections From a Liquid
    Injections From Powders
    Distinctive Features of Injections From Powders
    Where to Find Information About Reconstitution of Powders
    Insulin Injections
Chapter 6 Calculation of Basic IV Drip Rates
    Types of IV Fluids
    Calculating Basic IV Drip Rates
    Adding Medications to IVs
    Medications for Intermittent IV Administration
Chapter 7 Special Types of IV Calculations
    Amount of Drug in a Solution
    Medications Ordered in units/hour or mg/hour
    Medications Ordered in mcg/minute, mcg/kg/minute, or milliunits/minute—Calculation of Rate
    Body Surface Nomogram
    Patient-Controlled Analgesia
    Heparin and Insulin Protocols
Chapter 8 Dosage Problems for Infants and Children
    Dosage Based on mg/kg
    Administering IV Medications
    General Guidelines for Continuous IV Medications
    Proficiency Test 1 Infants and Children Dosage Problems
    Answers to Self-Tests
Chapter 9 Information Basic to Administering Drugs
    Drug Knowledge
    Legal Considerations
    Ethical Principles in Drug Administration
    Knowledge Base
    Proficiency Test 1 Basic Drug Information
    Answers to Self-Tests
Chapter 10 Administration Procedures


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