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Leddy & Pepper’s Professional Nursing 10th Edition Hood Test Bank

  • ISBN-13:9781975172626
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Leddy & Pepper’s Professional Nursing 10th Edition Hood Test Bank

Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1           The Professional Nurse
    • Chapter 2           The History Behind the Development of Professional Nursing
    • Chapter 3           Contextual, Philosophical, and Ethical Elements of Professional Nursing
    • Chapter 4           Establishing Helping and Healing Relationships
    • Chapter 5           The Health Process and Self-Care of the Nurse
    • Chapter 6           Patterns of Knowing and Nursing Science
    • Chapter 7           Nursing Models and Theories
    • Chapter 8           Professional Nursing Processes
  • Section 2           The Changing Health Care Context
    • Chapter 9           Health Care Delivery Systems
    • Chapter 10         Developing and Using Nursing Knowledge Through Research
    • Chapter 11         Multicultural Issues in Professional Practice
    • Chapter 12         Professional Nurse Accountability
    • Chapter 13         Environmental and Global Health
    • Chapter 14         Informatics and Technology in Nursing Practice
  • Section 3           Professional Nursing Roles
    • Chapter 15         Nursing Approaches to Client Systems
    • Chapter 16         The Professional Nurse’s Role in Teaching and Learning
    • Chapter 17         Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing
    • Chapter 18         Quality Improvement: Enhancing Patient Safety and Health Care Quality
    • Chapter 19         The Professional Nurse’s Role in Public Policy
  • Section 4           Envisioning and Creating the Future of Professional Nursing
    • Chapter 20         Career Options for Professional Nurses
    • Chapter 21         Development of a Professional Nursing Career
    • Chapter 22         Shaping the Future of Nursing


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