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Nursing Health Assessment A Clinical Judgement Approach 4th Edition Jensen Test Bank

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Nursing Health Assessment A Clinical Judgement Approach 4th Edition Jensen Test Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1                The Nurse’s Role in Health Assessment
Chapter 2                Health History and Interview
Chapter 3                Assessment Techniques, Safety, and Infection Control
Chapter 4                Documentation and Interprofessional Communication
Unit 2: General Examinations
Chapter 5                Vital Signs and General Survey
Chapter 6                Pain Assessment
Chapter 7                Nutrition Assessment
Chapter 8                Assessment of Developmental Stages
Chapter 9                Mental Health, Violence, and Substance Use Disorder
Chapter 10              Cultural Assessment
Unit 3: Regional Examinations
Chapter 11              Skin, Hair, and Nails
Chapter 12              Head and Neck, with Vision and Hearing Basics
Chapter 13              Eye Assessment for Advanced and Specialty Practice
Chapter 14              Ear Assessment for Advanced and Specialty Practice
Chapter 15              Nose, Sinuses, Mouth, and Throat
Chapter 16              Thorax and Lungs
Chapter 17              Heart and Neck Vessels
Chapter 18              Peripheral Vascular with Lymphatics
Chapter 19              Breast and Axillae Assessment
Chapter 20              Abdominal Assessment
Chapter 21              Musculoskeletal Assessment
Chapter 22              Neurological and Mental Status
Chapter 23              Male Genitalia and Rectum
Chapter 24              Female Genitalia and Rectum
Unit 4: Special Populations and Foci
Chapter 25              Pregnancy
Chapter 26              Newborns and Infants
Chapter 27              Children and Adolescents
Chapter 28              Older Adults
Unit 5: Putting It All Together
Chapter 29              Assessment of the Hospitalized Adult
Chapter 30              Head-to Toe Assessment of Adult


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