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Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse 2nd Edition McBride Tietze Test Bank

  • ISBN-10:0826140459
  • ISBN-13:9780826140456
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Springer Publishing Company; 2nd edition (September 27, 2018)
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Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse 2nd Edition McBride Tietze Test Bank

Table of Contents

Section I. Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction to Health Information Technology in a Policy and Regulatory Environment
Chapter 2. Advanced Practice Roles in Interprofessional Teams
Chapter 3. Scientific and Theoretical Foundations for Driving Improvement
Chapter 4. National Healthcare Transformation and Information Technology
Chapter 5. Consumer Engagement/Activation Enhanced by Technology
Section II. Point-of-Care Technology
Chapter 6. Computers in Healthcare
Chapter 7. Electronic Health Records and Point-of-Care Technology
Chapter 8. Systems Development Life Cycle for Achieving Meaningful Use
Chapter 9. Workflow Redesign in a Quality-Improvement Modality
Chapter 10. Evaluation Methods and Strategies for Electronic Health Records
Chapter 11. Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges Providing Value and Results for Patients, Providers, and Healthcare Systems
Chapter 12. National Standards for Health Information Technology
Chapter 13. Public Health Data to Support Healthy Communities in Health Assessment Planning
Chapter 14. Privacy and Security in a Ubiquitous Health Information Technology World
Chapter 15. Personal Health Records and Patient Portals
Chapter 16. Telehealth and Mobile Health
Section III. Data Management
Chapter 17. Strategic Thinking in Design and Deployment of Enterprise Data, Reporting, and Analytics
Chapter 18. Data Management and Analytics: The Foundations for Improvement
Chapter 19. Clinical Decision Support Systems
Chapter Section IV. Patient Safety/Quality and Population Health
Chapter 20. Health Information Technology and Implications for Patient Safety
Chapter 21. Quality-Improvement Strategies and Essential Tools
Chapter 22. National Prevention Strategy, Population Health, and Health Information Technology
Chapter 23. Electronic Clinical Quality Measures: Building an Infrastructure for Success
Chapter 24. Developing Competencies in Nursing for an Electronic Age of Healthcare
Section V. New and Emerging Technologies
Chapter 25. Genomics and Implications for Health Information Technology
Chapter 26. Nanotechnology, Nanorobotics, and Implications for Healthcare Interprofessional Teams
Chapter 27. “Big Data” and Advanced Analytics
Chapter 28. Social Media: Ongoing Evolution in Healthcare Delivery
Chapter 29. Enhancing Cybersecurity in New and Emerging Health Informatics Environments
Chapter 30. Interprofessional Application of Health Information Technology in Education


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