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Realities of Canadian Nursing Professional Practice and Power Issues 5th Edition McDonald Mclntyre Test Bank

  • ISBN-10:1496384040
  • ISBN-13:9781496384041
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Realities of Canadian Nursing Professional Practice and Power Issues 5th Edition McDonald Mclntyre Test Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Nursing Issues: A Call to Political Action
Chapter 2 Race and Racialization in Health, Healthcare, and Nursing Education
Chapter 3 Homelessness as a Health Equity and Social Justice Concern in Nursing
Chapter 4 Inviting Compassionate Conversations About End of Life: Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in Canada
Chapter 5 The Legacy of Colonization for the Health and Well-being of Indigenous People: Toward Reconciliation
Chapter 6 Canadian Healthcare
Chapter 7 Canadian Nurses Association and International Council of Nurses
Chapter 8 Canadian Provincial and Territorial Nursing Organizations
Chapter 9 Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions: Standing for Workplace Safety
Chapter 10 Challenges and Change in Undergraduate Nursing Education
Chapter 11 Graduate Education
Chapter 12 The Political Nature of Knowledge Generation and Utilization: Nursing Research in Canada
Chapter 13 Nursing Informatics: A Growing Field of Science and Practice
Chapter 14 Influencing Policy and Leading Change: Essential Steps in Successful Transformations
Chapter 15 Issues in Contemporary Nursing Leadership
Chapter 16 The Gendered Nature of Nursing
Chapter 17 Issues in Interprofessional Practice
Chapter 18 Issues Arising From the Nature of Nurses’ Work and Work Environments
Chapter 19 The Nursing Shortage: Assumptions and Realities
Chapter 20 Rural Nursing in Canada: Issues of Access
Chapter 21 Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing
Chapter 22 Issues in Healthcare for an Aging Population
Chapter 23 Orientating to Difference: Beyond Heteronormative Sexualities
Chapter 24 Environment: An Issue for Nurses
Chapter 25 Interpersonal Violence and Abuse: Ending the Silence
Chapter 26 Onward to 2030: Nursing’s Momentum for Global Health Equity


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