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Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics 7th Edition Salkind Frey Test Bank

  • ISBN-10:1544381859
  • ISBN-13:9781544381855
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (May 6, 2022)
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Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics 7th Edition Salkind Frey Test Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Statistics or Sadistics? It’s Up to You
Chapter 2: Computing and Understanding Averages: Means to an End
Chapter 3: Understanding Variability: Vive la Différence
Chapter 4: Creating Graphs: A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words
Chapter 5: Computing Correlation Coefficients: Ice Cream and Crime
Chapter 6: An Introduction to Understanding Reliability and Validity: Just the Truth
Chapter 7: Hypotheticals and You: Testing Your Questions
Chapter 8: Probability and Why It Counts: Fun With a Bell-Shaped Curve
Chapter 9: Significantly Significant: What It Means for You and Me
Chapter 10: The One-Sample z Test: Only the Lonely
Chapter 11: t(ea) for Two: Tests Between the Means of Different Groups
Chapter 12: t(ea) for Two (Again): Tests Between the Means of Related Groups
Chapter 13: Two Groups Too Many? Try Analysis of Variance
Chapter 14: Two Too Many Factors: Factorial Analysis of Variance—A Brief Introduction
Chapter 15: Testing Relationships Using the Correlation Coefficient: Cousins
Chapter 16: Using Linear Regression: Predicting the Future
Chapter 17: Chi-Square and Some Other Nonparametric Tests: What to Do When You’re Not
Chapter 18: Some Other (Important) Statistical Procedures You Should Know About
Chapter 19: Data Mining: An Introduction to Getting the Most Out of Your BIG Data


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