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Test Bank For HIST 3rd Edition By Schultz

  • ISBN10: 9781133953548
  • ISBN13 :9781133953531
  • Author : by Schultz



Test Bank For HIST 3rd Edition By Schultz

Chapter 13—The Continued Move West


1. As Americans relentlessly moved westward across the continent:
a. Native Americans prospered as they assimilated to Anglo American society.
b. western migrants found refuge from the market revolution.
c. the frontier kept alive the democratic promise of making it on their own.
d. Americans were able to avoid the issue of slavery in national politics.
e. they convinced their neighbors and Native American tribes of their peaceful intentions and anti-imperialist principles.

ANS: C REF: p. 221

2. Which of the following statements is true of the situation with Texas prior to its statehood?
a. Texas became a Mexican colony in 1810 after Mexico declared its independence from Spain.
b. During the 1820s, Americans in Texas grew to outnumber Mexicans there two to one.
c. Although Mexico had previously abolished slavery, Americans brought their slaves with them in defiance of Mexico’s wishes.
d. The new American settlers enrolled their children in the local schools so they could learn to speak Spanish fluently.
e. Many Americans in Texas became assimilated into Mexican society.

ANS: C REF: p. 222

3. Mexico tried in several ways to halt American immigration into Texas, because the Mexicans were so unhappy about
a. the arrival of large numbers of non-Catholics.
b. the refusal of the immigrants to speak Spanish.
c. the unwillingness of the settlers to fight alongside Mexicans whenever the need arose.
d. the settlers’ continued use of slavery.
e. the Americans’ attitudes of cultural superiority.

ANS: D REF: p. 222

4. The commander-in-chief of the newly-created Texas army was
a. Sam Houston.
b. William B. Travis.
c. Jim Bowie.
d. Davy Crockett.
e. Stephen F. Austin.

ANS: A REF: p. 223

5. Texas won its independence from Mexico at the Battle of
a. San Antonio.
b. Horseshoe Bend.
c. the Alamo.
d. San Jacinto.
e. Houston.

ANS: D REF: p. 223


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