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Test Bank For Hospitality Facilities Management And Design 4th Edition By David M. Stipanuk

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0133767906
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0133767902
  • Author : by David M. Stipanuk



Test Bank For Hospitality Facilities Management And Design 4th Edition By David M. Stipanuk




The process for developing a new hotel typically takes approximately:

a. six to twelve months.

b. one to two years.

c. three to four years.

d. five to seven years.

Answer: c

The first design phase of a hotel construction project is called:

a. schematic design.

b. feasibility assessment.

c. engineering design.

d. conceptual design.

Answer: a

What is a porte cochère?

a. It is the technical name for a main hotel entrance that meets ADA’s accessibility requirements.

b. It is the French name for the back or employee entrance to a hotel.

c. It is a hotel patio or courtyard typically constructed with paving stones.

d. It is a canopy designed to protect guests from inclement weather and provide visual emphasis to a hotel’s main entrance.

Answer: d

The double-loaded slab guestroom floor configuration features:

a. rooms on both sides of a central corridor.

b. rooms grouped around a central vertical core.

c. rooms off a corridor encircling a multi-story lobby space.

d. rooms off one side of a corridor.

Answer: a

The most efficient guestroom floor configuration in terms of saleable gross floor area is:

a. tower.

b. double-loaded slab.

c. single-loaded slab.

d. atrium.

Answer: b

The most prominent hotel public space is the:

a. ballroom.

b. lounge.

c. restaurant.

d. lobby.

Answer: d

A hotel’s front office should always be located:

a. adjacent to the front desk.

b. near the sales office.

c. on the ground floor.

d. on the penthouse floor.

Answer: a

The largest back-of-the-house area in most hotels and the one requiring the most design attention is:

a. administrative office group.

b. the maintenance department.

c. the kitchen and food production area.

d. receiving and storage.

Answer: c


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