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Test Bank For Introduction to Learning And Behavior 4th Edition By Russell A. Powell

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 111183430X
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1111834302
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Cengage Learning; 4th edition
Authors: Russell A. Powell, P. Lynne Honey, Diane G. Symbaluk



Test Bank For Introduction to Learning And Behavior 4th Edition By Russell A. Powell

CHAPTER 8: Extinction and Stimulus Control

Chapter Outline


Side Effects of Extinction

Resistance to Extinction

Spontaneous Recovery

Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior

Stimulus Control

Stimulus Generalization and Discrimination

The Peak Shift Effect

Multiple Schedules and Behavioral Contrast

Fading and Errorless Discrimination Learning

Stimulus Control: Additional Applications

Explanation of Opening Scenario 

As noted on pages 318, this can be viewed as an example of using anticipatory contrast to increase one’s attractiveness to others.

Dr. Dee Assignment (See Chapter 1 in this manual for a sample set of instructions.)

I. Dear Dr. Dee,

I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings too much. My friend suggested that I wean him off of me by still going out with him every once in awhile. What do you think? 

Sally So Nice

II. Dear Dr. Dee,

The last woman that my friend, Bob, went out with was a bit wild, and was quite different from previous women he had gone out with. Well, now he’s dating someone who is even more wild. What gives? Is he going through some kind of premature mid-life crisis?

A concerned friend

Relevant concepts:

I. According to the partial reinforcement effect (316), this may be a bad idea. It will probably only increase his persistence in trying to restore his relationship with her. If the break is ‘clean’ he may recover more quickly from the break-up, as the extinction process will not be prolonged.

II. It sounds like the peak shift effect may be the culprit here. Bob may have had a much better time with this somewhat wild woman (an SD) compared to previous women he had gone out with (who were Ss by comparison). As a result, he is now moving even further in the direction of wildness, and away from conservativeness, on the assumption that more wildness is a good thing. (Needless to say, he may soon be getting a wake-up call.) (325-327)


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