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Test Bank For Juvenile Delinquency Theory, Practice, and Law 12th Edition by Larry J. Siegel



Test Bank For Juvenile Delinquency Theory, Practice, and Law 12th Edition by Larry J. Siegel

Table of content

1. Childhood and Delinquency.
2. The Nature and Extent of Delinquency.
3. Focus on the Individual: Choice and Trait Theories.
4. Social Structure and Delinquency.
5. Social Process Theories: Learning, Control, Development.
6. Social Reaction Theories: Labeling and Conflict.
7. Gender and Delinquency.
8. The Family and Delinquency: Make-up, Influence and Abuse.
9. Peers and Delinquency: Juvenile Gangs and Groups.
10. Schools and Delinquency.
11. Drug Use and Delinquency.
12. The History and Development of Juvenile Justice.
13. Police Work with Juveniles.
14. Pretrial Procedures.
15. The Juvenile Trial and Disposition.
16. Juvenile Probation and Community Treatment. 17. Institutions for Juveniles.


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