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Test Bank For Living Religions 9th Edition By Fisher

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9780205956401
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0205956401
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Pearson; 9th edition
  • Author: Mary Pat Fisher

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Test Bank For Living Religions 9th Edition By Fisher

Chapter 9: Christianity

In this test bank for Living Religions, Ninth Edition, there is a new system for identifying the difficulty of the questions. Questions are now tagged according to the four levels of learning that help organize the text. Think of these four levels as moving from lower-level to higher-level cognitive reasoning. The four levels are:

REMEMBER: a question involving recall of key terms or factual material

UNDERSTAND: a question testing comprehension of more complex ideas

APPLY: a question applying anthropological knowledge to some new situation

ANALYZE: a question requiring identifying elements of an argument and their interrelationship

Types of Questions

Easy to Difficult Level of Difficulty

Multiple Choice

Fill in the Blank/Short Answer



Total Questions





















Fill in the Blank/ Short Answer

  1. The field of theological study that attempts to interpret scripture is __________.

(REMEMBER; answer: hermeneutics; page 303)

  1. The four books of the New Testament that tell about the life of Jesus are called the gospels, meaning __________.

(REMEMBER; answer: good news; page 304)

  1. The Christian doctrine that Jesus is the divine Son of God is called the __________.

(REMEMBER; answer: Incarnation; page 305)

  1. Jesus’ two great commandments were to love __________ and __________.

(REMEMBER; answer: God and neighbor; page 310)

  1. The title Christ literally means __________.

(REMEMBER; answer: anointed one; page 314)

  1. Christians believe in the __________, the doctrine that Jesus is risen from the dead.

(REMEMBER; answer: Resurrection; page 319)

  1. The belief that God is three equal persons in one divine being is called the doctrine of the __________.

(REMEMBER; answer: Trinity; page 325)

  1. The __________ Reformation was a reform movement in the 16th century in which many Christians broke away from Roman Catholic authority and doctrine.

(REMEMBER; answer: Protestant; page: 333)

  1. A Christian ritual of public worship is called __________.

(REMEMBER; answer: liturgy; page 349)

  1. Some Protestant Christians anticipate the __________, a time when Christians will be transported up to heaven to live with Jesus in immortal bodies.

(REMEMBER; answer: rapture; page 361)


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