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Test Bank For Managing And Using Information Systems A Strategic Approach 6th Edition By Keri E. Pearlson

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1119244285
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1119244288
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Wiley; 6th edition
  • Authors: Keri E. Pearlson, Carol S. Saunders, Dennis F. Galletta



Test Bank For Managing And Using Information Systems A Strategic Approach 6th Edition By Keri E. Pearlson

Multiple Choice

1. The “Managerial Levers” concept is useful for the following reasons:

  1. Management can find what “levers” to push to force people to do what they want.
  2. Management should not make a change unless they align multiple issues, such as tasks, measures, values, incentives, etc.
  3. System investments need to be financially highly leveraged.
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Ans: b (Medium)

Response: See page 26

2. All of the following are likely causes of Kaiser Permanente’s difficulties before their new KPHealthConnect EXCEPT for:

  1. Bonus incentives not matching the strategy
  2. The alignment of the Information Systems Strategy Triangle
  3. The failure of automated systems
  4. The leadership and organizational culture
  5. Patient service processes needing to be updated and streamlined

Ans: c (Medium)

Response: See pages 17-18

3. A general manager should:

  1. Rely on IS personnel to make IS decisions
  2. Ignore how IS are used and managed
  3. Have a deep technical knowledge of IS
  4. Understand the use and consequences of technologies relevant to the business
  5. Not be expected to ask or understand technology related questions

Ans: d (Easy)

Response: See pages 20,25

4. When a company’s business strategy and technology strategy are intertwined, this situation is known as _______.

  1. convergence
  2. alignment
  3. dynamic
  4. differentiation
  5. technologically adjusted

Ans: a (Hard)

Response: See page 19

5. Organizational, cultural, and control variables are considered the ________ used by decision makers to effect change in their organization.

  1. collaboration tools
  2. managerial levers
  3. events
  4. IS
  5. organization objectives

Ans: b (hard)

Response: See pages 9-10

6. The ____________ is a plan articulating where a business seeks to go and how it expects to get there.

  1. vision statement
  2. mission statement
  3. stakeholder statement
  4. stockholder statement
  5. business strategy

Ans: e (Medium)

Response: See page 20

7. Organizations seek to gain a competitive advantage by differentiation, cost, or _________.

  1. service
  2. focus
  3. profit
  4. value
  5. speed

Ans: b (Easy)

Response: See pages 21-22

8. Google has disrupted a number of industries, particularly the advertising and software industries. Google’s ability to quickly and aggressively provide new products and services is best described by:

  1. Porter’s Generic Strategies
  2. The Hypercompetition Model
  3. The Information Systems Strategy Triangle
  4. The Social Business Strategy
  5. Customer Relationship Management

Ans: b (Easy)

Response: See page 23

9. Through the use of various technologies, a ski resort tracks the slopes each customer skis and the times he or she skis them. Skiers then have the ability to view this information online, and can choose to seamlessly share their accomplishments on Facebook. In addition, photographers positioned at the resort post pictures on Facebook for the skier. This ski resort has worked hard to develop a strong:

  1. IS Strategy
  2. Social business strategy
  3. Business strategy
  4. Organizational strategy
  5. Customer strategy

Ans: b (Hard)

Resposne: See page 27

10. The organizational strategy should ideally _____ the IS strategy.

  1. drive
  2. complement
  3. dictate
  4. ignore
  5. sustain

Ans: b (Easy)


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