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Test Bank For Methods Doing Social Research 4th Edition by Winston Jackson

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0131879251
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0131879256
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Pearson Education Canada; 4th edition
  • Authors: Winston Jackson, Norine Verberg



Test Bank For Methods Doing Social Research 4th Edition by Winston Jackson

Chapter 1. Approaches to Methods

MC 1-1

A mechanistic model is one that asserts behaviour:

a. is susceptible to reductionist logic

b. is controlled completely by 1 or more external factors

c. is not subject to social understanding

d. is understood only by a critical approach

Answer: B

Difficulty: Moderate

Page: 3

MC 1-2

The positivistic approach to the social sciences is most like:

a. the approach emphasized by Max Weber

b. feminist theory and methods

c. the approach used within the physical sciences

d. the Symbolic Interactionist approach

Answer: C

Difficulty: Easy

Page: 5

MC 1-3

According to Durkheim, a social fact is an example of:

a. thinking, feeling and acting external to the individual

b. thinking, feeling and acting internal to the individual

c. phenomenon understandable by means of psychology

d. unmeasurable phenomenon

Answer: A

Difficulty: Easy

Page: 6

MC 1-4

To positivist social scientists, truth is:

a. unknowable

b. relative

c. absolute

d. abstract

Answer: B

Difficulty: Moderate

Page: 7

MC 1-5

By Verstehen, Weber meant:

a. a positivistic approach to understanding behaviour

b. a critical approach to social scientific research

c. value-free research

d. an empathetic understanding of behaviour

Answer: D

Difficulty: Moderate

Page: 9

MC 1-6

A prominent figure in the development of the interpretive approach was:

a. Durkheim

b. Comte

c. Goffman

d. Lastrucci

Answer: C

Difficulty: Moderate

Page: 9

MC 1-7

Along with Karl Marx, which figure contributed to the development of the critical approach:

a. Simmel

b. Weber

c. Mead

d. Becker

Answer: A

Difficulty: Challenging

Page: 10

MC 1-8

The focus of critical research emphasizes:

a. micro level variable

b. social facts

c. macro level variables

d. social action

Answer: C

Difficulty: Challenging

Page: 11

MC 1-9

Quantitative research is characteristic of:

a. the critical approach

b. the positivistic approach

c. the interpretive approach

d. none of the above

Answer: B

Difficulty: Moderate

Page: 13

MC 1-10

Qualitative research differs from quantitative research in that:

a. it stresses numbers and statistics

b. it stresses observation and in-depth description

c. it stresses theory rather than methodology

d. it stresses precise measurement

Answer: B

Difficulty: Easy

Page: 14


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